Lazy Sunday afternoon

My friend and I decided to have lunch at Die Ou Pastorie in Skeerpoort, Magaliesberg and what a wonderful, relaxing day it turned out to be. Die Ou Pastorie (Afrikaans for The Old Parsonage or pastor house) serves a fabulous Sunday buffet consisting of traditional Italian and South African cuisine. You can sit inside the old house dating back to the 1880s, outside on the stoep or in the magnificent garden. We arrived early and had coffee in the garden under beautiful big trees. Lunch was a flavoursome and beautiful meal where some of the highlights for me were the pumpkin brulee with crunchy dark brown sugar crystals on top and the golabki (mince and rice cabbage rolls). After lunch we walked in the gardens before heading off to Tangaroa farm not far from there for some strawberry picking.

It is spring time and strawberry season so this has been on my To Do List for some time. We arrived after 16:00 and they were actually closed already but we asked if we could have 20 minutes seeing that we were there already and not likely to just drive out for the day again. I can’t remember the last time I picked strawberries but I think it was in Knysna in the Western Cape. I was expecting beautiful, juicy big red strawberries that you get at Woolworths or that I once bought in Soho, London. We didn’t quite get that. In fact I think you needed a strawberry detector, if ever there was such a thing, as there were very few small ones left. We were warned that we should probably walk to the end and look at the outskirts but even there you could only find some small ones. We just had a fat laugh and walked the field, enjoying nature. You can eat as much as you want but as you walked the fields you got the smell of fertiliser and I wasn’t going to put anything in my mouth that wasn’t properly washed first so I cannot tell you what they taste like. The farm is still beautiful and has a stunning dam where you can have a picnic so it may still be worth it to have a picnic there but the strawberries, well maybe your money is better spent buying some from Woolworths 🙂

7 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday afternoon

    • Howdee. Book for in case. They were not full this past Sunday but they typically are and although they have been around for many years I have never been there coz I think of them last minute, arrive and then they are full and I usually go elsewhere. The buffet was great but I think on all other days they have a la carte and they have musicians play there as well on certain evenings or weekends.

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