Is flawsome the new awesome?

I am attending the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) conference in Sandton and while I won’t bore you with trends and buzz words such as flawsome (yes, this is a word) I would like to share two very interesting case studies – the one was just so original and the other one inspirational.


The Curators of Sweden

Sweden at the end of 2011 embarked on a campaign where they handed over the official government Twitter account to the general public of Sweden where one Swedish person per week becomes the curator of the account and tweets about whatever they feel like without limitation or censorship. The aim is to show variety and open-mindedness through the views of its citizens. They currently have more than 65 000 followers in more than 120 countries. This is such a phenomenal concept especially since they don’t sensor the content – talk about free speech.


Pennies for Life

This is a campaign by MicroLoan that aims to help the poor women of Africa become self-efficient by providing them with start-up cash loans for their small business where they can use the profit generated to look after their family and become self-efficient. In an interactive digital campaign, people had the opportunity to interact by donating £2 via SMS. This money was then converted into pennies and projected on a screen to complete a picture of an African woman who would benefit from the donation. I loved the concept of how you could literally see where your money was going and how you were making a difference.


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