Felix’s supersonic freefall from the edge of space

Felix’s record breaking space jump where he reached speeds of 1,342.8 km/h (833mph). WOW!!

I imagine this will be the extreme sport of the future but I don’t think this will be on my bucket list, no thank you.


6 thoughts on “Felix’s supersonic freefall from the edge of space

      • Apparently this may assist personnel from space stations, so yes for science but too expensive for fun. The suit costs some ridiculous amount of milllions of dollars..I don’t know what the capsule would cost.

      • Now that you mention the help to personnel I think I saw it in Time or something but months ago, probably during the build-up. Have forgotten about it. There are so many people with more money that sense that will pay for this so I think NASA lost out on an opportunity to make loads of money to fund their research (as they already have all the gear) and also lost out on good PR because they didn’t want to get involved with this project. I just think growing up everyone at one time or another wanted to be an astronaut and it seems that all of this will be possible in future but without NASA.

    • I was scared for the man just watching the helium balloon go up which I thought didn’t look strong enough and could easily be punctured by some birds or something flying about.

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