Bukhara restaurant, Sandton

Our boss is moving to Hong Kong so today the team had a farewell lunch with him at Bukhara restaurant at the Nelson Mandela square. Bukhara is an Indian restaurant that serves mostly North Indian cuisine. It has an open kitchen so you can watch the chef and staff create succulent dishes. We had a three course set menu that consisted of a variety of chicken, lamb and vegetable tandoori and curry dishes which we enjoyed with naan and some wine. The food was absolutely divine. Some interesting dishes that I have not eaten before were Palak Paneer (homemade Indian cheese cooked in spinach) and Chicken cheese (chicken marinated with cheese and cooked in a tandoor). I wasn’t crazy about dessert, the Carrot Halva was a bit too spicy for me and although the Indian bread and butter pudding was interesting it was too soggy for my liking. All in all it was a wonderful experience filled with memories, crazy stories and lots of laughs.

8 thoughts on “Bukhara restaurant, Sandton

  1. I must admit, before I started blogging, your neck of the woods was not on my “to visit” list. This has now totally changed, and I’d love to travel there (and eat at the interesting places you talk about!)

    • It is always wonderful to hear someone interested in one’s country so if you ever come around you must definitely let me know. As they speak of the rainbow nation due to our varied cultures, they also speak of the rainbow cuisine because we have such richly diverse food and if you drink wine, we have some of the best wine in the world to compliment any dish 🙂

  2. So…… I went to the local Wine store to look for South African wines! I found three … Two Oceans, Herding Cats, and Porcupine Ridge. I bought a bottle of Herding Cats (because of the pretty label, I’m not much of a wine-knower).

    • Hi. How awesome that you found some SA wines. I dont know herding cats but googled to see the pretty label. Very cute. These are house wines for everyday drinking so you must let me know how it tastes.

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