Travel theme: Spooky

I had a fun day at the office where everyone got into the Halloween spirit and was decorating. I ended the evening with friends eating black spaghetti bolognaise (spaghetti coloured with squid ink which by the way tastes just like normal spaghetti) and watched the movie Dark Shadows (which was a bit lacking) but a great day!

Happy Halloween!!

Travel theme set by Ailsa.

6 thoughts on “Travel theme: Spooky

    • I work with some crazy people for sure 🙂 How are you and how was the storm. We have been glued to the TV so I kept wondering if you were badly affected as some areas really got hit hard.

      • Our area did not suffer from the water troubles. Ours was all wind related. It was fierce. It was vicious. It was incredibly frightening. Around here there is a great deal of structural damage, countless trees down, and significant power outages. Most of my friends are still without power. Schools and businesses have been closed all week. I went out yesterday, and it is hard to get anywhere, because trees are down blocking the roads at every turn. Amazing how this has impacted such a huge area. And now we are running into gas shortages. They are reporting on TV this morning that gas lines are miles and miles long, and people have been waiting in line all night. It will take time for the region to fully recover, that’s for sure. Thank you so much for your concern.

      • It is unbelievable the amount of destruction that the wind can cause and I am sure a lot of people will still feel the effects of it in months to come because cleanup takes time especially with so many structural damage in so many areas. I also saw how hundreds of houses burned down. It was just such a big storm over such a vast area that I still struggle to get my head around it. It feels unreal especially since I visited most of those places not too long ago.

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