Namibia, Day 1

Namibia, a land of incredible beauty and contrast. My cousin and I flew from Johannesburg to Windhoek in our neighbouring country, Namibia. We landed at midday and found only one other plane at the Windhoek airport. Windhoek is the capital of Namibia and located in the central region. We left and headed east to Swakopmund, a coastal town in the Namib Desert.

The airport is about 40km outside Windhoek. You have to travel north on the B1 before heading west on the B2. There is only one tar road to Swakopmund and somehow my cousin and I missed it (difficult to believe, I know, but we are notorious for taking wrong roads or turns so I guess no Amazing Race in our future). After we managed to find the correct road at last we realised that we were hungry and thirsty and were so happy to see the Engen One Stop garage only to realise they were still building it. There are no stops on the road so if you want something or need the bathroom, the only places to stop along the way is either in the towns of Okahandja or Karibib.

We did however manage to have a whole lot of fun on our 5 hour trip and saw a great deal along the way. We saw giraffes, warthogs, horses, goats, squirrel, eagle, kudu, falcon, quailes, cows, baboons, guinea foul and an unconfirmed rhino (which most time in Africa turns out to be a big fat rock).

We watched the lanscape change from the plateau to the barred dry land of the desert and what an interesting sight. We checked in to our guest house and headed off to the Jetty to watch the sun set over our first day. We ended the day with a fabulous dinner at The Wreck restaurant overlooking the ocean. I am looking forward to some sleep as we have a half day tour at 7.50 tomorrow morning.


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