Namibia, Day 2

What a phenomenal day! Our day started early. We were picked up just before 8 and went on a 5 hour living desert tour with Tommy. What an experience. We drove through the Namib desert between Swakopmund and Walvis bay which is a 6 kilometer stretch of dunes in the oldest desert in the world.

A desert forms due to a lack of water. The average rainfall here is between 3-15ml per year. Few plants and animals can live in this inhospicable conditions and those that do are adapted in many special ways in which to get or store water and also what they can eat such as turning dead plant material into energy, having two stomachs, being able to draw water from their blood etc.


We saw dollar and nara plants, two types of geckos, cameleon, different kinds of beatles, a tunnel spider nest, jackal and an adder snake. It was an extremely informative and educational tour. We even tasted the horribly bitter sap of the nara plant. Where there is a nara plant, there is water – it might be 85m down in the earth though. The desert sand can get up to 75 degrees Celcius.  

After the tour we had lunch at Tiger Reef beach bar on the beach before going to Walvis bay about 30km from Swakopmund. We headed out to Dune 7 and had the most fabulous time driving on quad bikes for an hour among the dunes. Brendan was our tour guide and he showed us an adder and a nara fruit along the way. Riding in the desert was one of the best experiences ever.


My cousin climbed Dune 7 which is a 85m high dune. I took photos of her on all fours battling the sand but she managed to get to the top. The oldest recorded person to climb the dune was 81 and the fastest was in 2.04min. 

We ended the day with supper at the Jetty.


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