Our european holiday adventure, day 1

Our holiday started with a bang when I forgot my mom’s passport at home. We were already on our way to the airport in an over full Uber when ma asked me about her passport. Needless to say we had to go back home, then got stuck in traffic but we still made it in time.

After long queing at passport control, we were on the plane and our adventure was about to start – literally. The temperature on the plane was like 36 degrees, it was difficult to breath, it was so hot but they were working on fixing the aircon and we were so excited. We got the special seat we wanted with extra leg room – no seat in front of us – a tip from years ago about ths specific plane.


We taxied to the runway and was about to take off when the pilot let us know that the plane had two system fails and we couldn’t take off. After the engineers had a look they told us we had to get on another plane. Our flight was delayed by over two hours.

We switched planes and finally got in the air. When we eventually landed in Munich, everyone clapped, I think out of pure relief.


We arrived with the feeling of Christmas in the air. It was cold but festive, with Christmas trees all around, a small ski rink and shops.

We got our hired car and was on our way to Nuremberg. After we checked into the hotel and had a narrowing escape driving around (against oncoming traffic at one point) looking for the car park, we went to the market where we had Nuremberg Rostbratwurst on a roll and a glühwein.

We found the golden ring at the Schöner Brunnen (Beautiful Fountain) which, according to legend, brings you good luck if you turn it three times and make a wish.