Travel theme: Bright


Travel theme: Spooky

I had a fun day at the office where everyone got into the Halloween spirit and was decorating. I ended the evening with friends eating black spaghetti bolognaise (spaghetti coloured with squid ink which by the way tastes just like normal spaghetti) and watched the movie Dark Shadows (which was a bit lacking) but a great day!

Happy Halloween!!

Travel theme set by Ailsa.

Travel theme: Animals

Ailsa’s travel theme for the week is Animals and living in South Africa it seems natural to post photos of the Big Five (Africa’s greatest animals and most difficult to hunt by foot). They are the lion, African elephant, rhino, leopard and Cape buffalo.

PS: It turns out I have no digital photo of the leopard so I cheated and posted one of the cheetah,  (also a spotted cat from Africa and the fastest land animal 🙂 )


On a very sad note rhino poaching has increased to epidemic proportions in the past five years where on average there was one rhino poached per month during 2007, this has now increased to more than one a day since 2011. Read more here.