Dinner in the sukkah

Last night I went with two friends from work to my ex-boss for Sukkot where we had dinner with his family in the sukkah outside. Sukkot is a Jewish weeklong festival to celebrate the Israelites safekeeping while wondering the desert for 40-years, where they lived in temporary shelters, after their exodus out of Egypt.

This has become a yearly tradition where my friends and I have dinner with the family. During this time they set up a temporary hut outside in the garden to have meals in and our boss and the children (seven of them) usually sleep in there as well. The children also decorate the sukkah. This year two of his daughters were not there as they are studying overseas but it was a very lovely and relaxed evening. I also got to meet one of his nieces visiting from Australia.


Dinner in the sky

My friend was telling me about this new craze for people to have dinner in the sky while suspended 50-100m above ground. She took her husband for his birthday at Cedar Square over the weekend. They have these all over the country and you can book it online via Computicket. I love mother earth and I am not fond of heights so I don’t understand why people would want to do such crazy things. You can also do corporate events and meetings but honestly! I would be utterly useless, given you are able to get me up there and probably only after you have given me lots and lots of drugs.