Fillet signature cut restaurant in Douglasdale

My friend and I went to Fillet signature cut restaurant in Douglasdale and had a fabulous time. I had the beef trinchado which was delicious and my friend had fillet with parma ham and cheese sauce. The restaurant specialises in meat dishes, particularly fillet, but also have a few other dishes such as chicken, pork ribs, vegetarian or fish although I don’t know why you would choose to go to a restaurant with the name, Fillet, and not have meat. We were seated inside as the outside tables were fully booked when this one petite blonde woman received quite a few comments and looks when she got out of her huge SUV which she parked right in front of the restaurant with her headlights blinding everyone and she didn’t know where to switch them off saying eventually (after a minute) they switch themselves off. She just walked around apologising to everyone. This made me think how you can never just sneak out anymore and how Hollywood would need to change their movies when the good guys get away just in time by silently sneaking to the car, opening it quietly before driving off. Today you can’t open your car without usually disabling some alarm accompanied by flashing hazards, unlock the car doors which not only is noisy but also unlocks all doors, giving the bad guy a chance to get into the passenger seat and once you open the door the lights inside go on as well as the headlights as soon as you start the car and it is dark enough. I think car manufacturers need to design a stealth mode (with the click of one button) for when you need to get away unnoticed or when the Ferris Buellers “borrow” their parent’s car for a fun night out.