Fratelli, Hyde Park

My friend and I left work early yesterday to have a relaxed time at Fratelli restaurant in Hyde Park shopping centre. Although we work at the same place there is never enough time for us to visit because once we get started we can’t stop and you can’t very well go disappear for hours on end from work. We always have a fabulous time and never run out of things to say, two real chatterboxes. While we were chatting over some pizza I saw this one woman staring at me the whole time but chose to ignored it. Hours later she came over to ask me if my sister’s name is Tia as we look the same, have the same laugh and we could be twins. I thought I would ask my mother if she knew of my twin as I always say I cannot be her child as we have almost nothing in common (although we do look alike but that can be a fluke) to which she jokingly responds that I had the better looking pram so Tia, sister, if you are out there, hello 🙂 As for Fratelli – we had a great time and the food was good. Most of the places in Sandton and surrounding areas are a bit noisy for a Friday afternoon so if you are in the mood for a chat then this is perfect!