Namibia, Day 4

Our morning started with huge confusion as we could not figure out the time and we had to be at the waterfront in Walvis Bay at 9. They changed over to day light saving (or is it from???) and as South African’s who do not have this we suddenly had a watch showing one time, the phone and TV another and we were not sure what was going on. In the end it seems we scored an extra hour of sleep. We went on a three hour catamaran cruise with Laramon Tours and what a fabulous and exciting experience. They take you around the harbour which is in a bay and then out to Pelican point where the lighthouse is and also a small colony of about 50 000 seals. On the way we saw dolphins, seals, pelicans and some people even saw the rare mola mola (sunfish).

Some of the seals are so tame that they jump into the boat to come say hello before going overboard again. A seagull also caught a lift for a while sitting on one of the motors and we had the most spectacular dolphin show as they swam in the waves created by the boat. They serve sparkling wine, oysters and other snacks on the boat and you can just sit and take in the beautiful surroundings with the dunes in the distance. We learned a lot about the dolphins as well as the oysters harvested in the bay.

After the boat trip we shopped at all the fun stalls and craft shops before heading to the lagoon which is home to about 10 000 flamingos. We got a guide to take us around the lagoon to explain the two different flamingo types as well as the salt works and the 25 salt pans which provides salt to most of europe and africa. It was interesting to see. The salt in the pans have a pinkish colour due to micro organisms that they put in the pans but the colour apparently changes based on the saline levels.

We headed to the dunes just past Langebaan as my cousin wanted to do sandboarding. Swakop is known as the adrenalin capital of Namibia for a reason. It offers many extreme sport activities. I was happy to play photographer again and watch my cousin slide down the dune which also incuded a trip on quad bikes again to take us to the site. It was a great deal of fun. We had coffee and cake afterwards at Cafe Anton which is a traditional German confectionary and decided on pizza for supper. Our holiday is almost over as we head to Windhoek tomorrow.